Rubin Mendoza


With over twenty-five years experience as a bilingual Producer, Executive Producer and Line Producer, I have successfully managed production budgets, schedules, crews, equipment, talent and locations. My expertise includes overseeing the writing of relevant creative concepts and ideas from inception, through approval. Once approved, I supervise the execution of day-to-day production operations and all related requirements, including but not limited to all creative, production and clientele needs. Upon completion of filming or photography, my responsibilities can transfer to overseeing any post-production requirements, as needed.

In order to maintain flowing communication of all creative and budgetary agendas as required by a particular project, I facilitate regular updates to clients, executives, the Director and production team, as well as the production company executives.

I am adept at leading crews, both large and small, while cultivating high-moral and motivation. I flawlessly sustain a high degree of professionalism with high-profile celebrities, world-class creative talent, executives and clients of any level.

I have the innate ability to multi-task numerous of the aforementioned projects at once, while maintaining an extremely calm under pressure demeanor. I also ensure the timely and fiscally prudent delivery of a completed product, that goes well beyond any client expectations.

Professional Experience

My experience includes working in the capacity of freelance producer on well over 350 productions. National commercials produced, include spots for Apple Computers, Nike, AMEX, Miller Lite, Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Taco Bell (2016 Super Bowl spot), McDonald’s, AT&T, Verizon, Chevrolet Camaro and Suburban, Subaru, Panasonic, Best Buy Stores, Beauty Blender, Clinique Make-Up, etc. These producer credits also include some of the most iconic music videos of the past twenty years. Artists produced for include Michael Jackson, U2, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Pharrell Williams, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Jaime Foxx, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, etc. Additionally, I have produced multiple PSA’s, infomercials, sizzle reels, multi-camera concert shoots, and three feature films.

Production companies served include, HSI Productions, Stun Creative, Media Monks, Brand-Cinema, Play Creative, Untitled TV, A Good Egg, SAMM Media, Overbrook Entertainment, Cortez Brothers, Mrs. K Films, Nepotism Films, Pictures In A Row, Propaganda Films, Oil Factory Films, etc.

Additional work includes formally having served as In-House Producer for Legend VR, an industry leader in VR technologies, as well as an Activation Event Producer for Media Monks (Los Angeles & Sao Paulo) with Nike and Wieden+Kennedy. In addition to motion shoots, I have also produced numerous stills shoots.  

Executive Producer and Founding Partner at commercial and music video production house, RAW Entertainment (2001-2004), on over 100 filmed projects. Annual billings at RAW regularly exceeded thirty-five million dollars. My responsibilities as EP included the recruitment of new talent (Directors), supervising the creation of written concepts, as well as the budgeting and supervision of individual projects, while regularly interfacing with clients, talent, directors and freelance production teams.

In addition to working throughout the United States, I have also produced numerous projects in Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, as well as throughout Europe and Asia.

I am comfortable working within all budget ranges and schedules, as well as jobs ranging from the most technically complex to the simplest. I am extremely at ease when working alongside celebrities. In addition to my vast list of music video credits, celebrities worked with as Producer, include, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, Salma Hayek, Jim Carey, Chris Tucker, Marlon Brando, James Gandolfini, Tom Selleck, etc. High-profile Directors produced for include Steve Oedekerk, Robert Rodriguez, The Cronenweths, Brett Ratner, The Hughes Brothers, Paris Barclay (former DGA President), Hype Williams, Paul Hunter, etc.

I have also served as Freelance Agency Producer at Ink By Stun (Ad Agency), on multiple projects.

I approach every project with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, as well as with an abundance of innate common sense, and a great amount professional and personal integrity.

Education, Training, Selected Knowledge and Awards

Attended CSULB (1987-89), majoring in Communications, with emphasis in Electronic Media Production. I have also attended various professional level film extension courses at UCLA.

I am well versed in the use of film-related software, including Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting, AICP based budget templates (Hot Budget, Point Zero, etc.), Word, Excel, plus basic working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Power Point, Pages, etc. I am also comfortable with approving and when necessary, revising business contracts.

Fluent in speaking Spanish, plus an extremely high degree of understanding when reading and writing Spanish.

Awards include an MTV Video Of The Year Award (Moonman) for best music video, multiple MVPA awards, a Grammy Award nomination, a Clio Award for Best Public Service Announcement and numerous other nominations.

I served as a Guest Speaker to advanced film production classes at Vanguard University from 2010 through 2012.

Currently in post-production on the animated comedy Thumbwars IX, where I served as line-producer during the 51- day shooting schedule. Thumbwars IX, directed by Writer-Director Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura, Patch Adams, Jimmy Neutron, etc.), is scheduled for distribution and streaming in Spring of 2021. I am also simultaneously developing several of my own TV and film projects. I am happily married to a supportive wife, and I consider my two sons as my all-time ultimate production. In addition to spending time with family, I frequently practice my life-long passion of the Martial Arts, as well as regularly trail-run and meditate daily at the first sign of morning sunlight...