A DJ and a HOST are the main judges of the show, they interview five performers and each one does their performance. The DJ and Host have the choice to use the GONG to stop the performance if they so choose. If they do not use the GONG, then you've made it to the end where the audience will choose who was the best of the day. At the end of the season, the semi finalists will compete for the best of the season, so you will be required to come back and perform for the big prize.


The show will air on local Los Angeles Airwaves on channel 33.10 OVATV and On Direct TV via OVA TV. The show has a potential reach overall of 18 Million viewers each time the show airs.

Of Course It Will...

We will also stream the making of the show live to streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Watch and Youtube.


You wanna be on the show? Of course you can. How many people watch the network? About 18million viewers because OVATV is on Direct TV as well as on the airwaves in Los Angeles on channel 33.10, plus we stream to TWITCH, so what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and be on our crazy talent show called The Spotlight! You must be 18 or older. If you are not then have your parents fill out the one below.

Under 18? Then have your parent or guardian sign the papers in the link to the right

Even though you have filled out these papers online, you will still be required to be present at the production and also fill out a hard copy of the same document. We appreciate you being there as a parent!

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